FN Teams' Captains
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This platoon has been created in order to help the captains of the main FN teams organize both official and scrims matches.

Teams' Captains:

[LW] Lone Wolves Clan - PrinceOfTheEdens (PrinceOfTheStars)

[PnN] Pro Nation - Xx_FPS_LEGEND_xX

[TG] Tactical Gaming - Rosso_G (ROSSTAFAR) / TGjboi8u

[KTG] KTG.ImmenZ - ImmenZ__ClimaX

[OpS] OpS.Defiance - Nacho-Boogle

[xDLx] Deadly Legion - MoCrRo_IzZaN

[RV] Reges Victores - gabriel_sion

[Med] Paяaмєdιc Maяк$мєɴ™ - Є$pоят_тacтїкz (Pяо__Є$pоят )

[myR] myRevenge e.V. - BalticSea88

[CoA] Creations of Anarchy - HerbiemonsterV2

[MP] Team MP - Ullrsdog


[MiLK] MiLK™ - HuIk_Juice (-Hulk_XXIV-)

[YLOD] You Live Or Die - alas26

[1UP] One United Power - IronSpearhead

[RsG] Red Star Gaming - HaZe__vR

[tPc] the Pancakes - henning-_-

[eM] Team eMinence - HelmX

[ILL] ILLuminate - moneybag100 (ILL-LegionZ)

[qL] Quαɴᴛuᴍ Lᴇɢαcʏ℠ - xSyNeRaX

[ATk] Allowed To kill - Jump3r59_

[KxG] Kяᴏηιx χ Gαᴍιɴɢ™ - KroniX__xlReZ

[SQLT] Lithuanian SQrush team - Narutis

[NwA] Never Walk Alone - bakero1988

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