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We're still searching for teams wishing to participate in the Cup. If you are interested in registering your team or know a person who might be able to gather a representation of your country - feel free to contact MikeAngelus
Please consult the list of confirmed countries below. If your homeland is not on the list - it's time to take action, soldier!


The International Battlefield3 8vs8 Tournament hosted by

Main sponsor of the event - Electronic Arts Poland

The main goal of the tournament is to pick the best national team in a fair rivalry.

The competition will be played -- as the name indicates -- in 8vs8 small conquest formula. Official rules are going to be based on ESL/CB rulesets.

Group stage starts on *********, with at least one match per week (possibly more). The entire tournament is scheduled for around 1,5 month. Full schedule will be published after registration.

Detailed information will be presented soon.


Questions? Would you like to register your team? Contact MikeAngelus:


This platoon is meant for admins and teams' captains.

not settled yet :)

Team Captains: POLAND - blaidd GERMANY - pyo LATVIA - Guga912 HUNGARY - SnaciZOR ISRAEL - Devian_Game ICELAND - d0c NETHERLANDS - ToXiC_G TUNISIA- Absolutionala SWEDEN- ???

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