The Reconnaissance
Plaque: [TREC] Fans: 12 Créé: 15-12-2012

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This is a platoon dedicated to the best recons of Australia and New Zealand (X360) for competitive and public environments.

Whether it be a rifle or a personal defense weapon, these players always perform their job as a recon. We scope, spot and drop everyone and anyone who pokes around a corner, rooftop, wall or any piece of cover. Playing the objective, and/or facilitating others to do so, is the key to a good recon player.

The following crew have been selected or referred and are now acknowledged as the best of the best when it comes to the scope. The following are the gamertags of the recons (in no particular order):

• Byo Binks
• XPsychosisKingX
• II Orchid II
• Java Chinq
• Avadiater
• CaS VaeVictus
• Aussie Nato
• Super Fweek
• II Yoshi

Congrats for making the cut.
Our tag is TREC.

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