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We are SIRs!
We are here to play the game and have bring it!!
“Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head.”

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  • Six9_Boogie a écrit sur le mur de la section SIRs :
    Hi guys, I've created a new platoon and invited you all, please join. Lets start fresh! Hope to see you soon!
    il y a 6 ans
  • Six9_g3n3r4l a écrit sur le mur de la section SIRs :
    Hey guys! Are u going to buy BF4?
    Six9_Boogie already got it!
    il y a 6 ans
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  • Six9_Boogie a écrit sur le mur de la section SIRs :
    We will rent a new server, change CLAN name, start everything fresh. Again, it is very important that you are an active member, if you are not, CLAN LEADERS reserve the right to kick you out of the clan. Please follow the posts here for further updates. I will make invites for our new clan for some good players out there to make a strong clan. Members here that were previously inactive can still come, BUT MUST show they are serious and want to stay (be active). If you will be inactive for longer than normal you MUST tell clan leaders before you disappear and state the reason (we understand family matters, serious issues and personal problems, after all, this is just a game). Updates coming soon, hope to see you all join. Our only link together is this game, it would be a shame to lose it. Stay tuned!!
  • Six9_Boogie a écrit sur le mur de la section SIRs :
    Hi guys, This is probably the last post I will be making here. Myself and Dirk as leaders of the clan are thinking of making some changes. Given the fact that our clan has become very inactive, we are leaving and creating a new clan. Members of SIR that want to follow us and join a new clan must abide by very few simple rules, to ensure that the clan stays ALIVE and we can actually call ourselves a clan, otherwise it will fall apart again, and all efforts will be pointless. The rules: If you want to be part of the new clan, you MUST be present at least 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours to play with the other members (not too much to ask is it?) Make posts on clan page, suggestions, requests on how to make things better (clan,game play, clan wars, tips on good and bad weapon configurations, various bugs, advantages in different maps ETC) Nobody can stop you from being part of two or more clans, but IF you are, make you presence here too.
  • Six9_Boogie a écrit sur le mur de la section SIRs :
    Platoon is very inactive...any suggestions? no more clan wars? We rarely find 4 SIRs to play together as a full squad. Whats happening guys?
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    Six9_g3n3r4l yeah, no more SIR's online... :-/
    il y a 7 ans
    Six9_Boogie :( me and Dirk still pop up and play almost every evening...SIR-us Black (Sniper) i havent played with him in a long time too, Hades i rarely see him...its sad
    il y a 7 ans