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Once the holy soldier was the right hand man of god himself.........but alas he did so fall from grace and plummeted to deepest pits of the filthy world.God was angry as The warrior rebelled from gods TOS.Alone he was,made himself a new by his own powers manifest...........BORN ANEW, and so he went onto the royal Battlefield and climbed his way to the throne once again.His rightful place as the utmost warrior in all the land.At the top of the world his was............not even god could reach him.However,his closest friend........the one who road with him to hell and back again, was tempted by god, and stabbed the warrior in the back,acting as a link into his hearth,god struck again and stripped the warrior of all his achievements................the best of us,will always be put down,But the best will always stand tall and challenge the evil oppressors,no matter the odds,and so the legend of KmoF was inscribed into stone.
In the end you all will look up from your filthy world and scream ''save us'', and he will look down upon you and softly whisper ''no''.

Through action, a Man becomes a Hero
Through death, a Hero becomes a Legend
Through time, a Legend becomes a Myth
And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes action

He rises again,all hail the guild......ALL HAIL KmoF!!!!!!

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