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For players who class themselves as less skilled & would like to play as part of a team.

Must be over 18 years.

Girls and Boys can join.

Were based in the U.K.

Mic is not essential but would be preferred.
(I know some people can be a little shy)

Play & practice with members when ever you like.

Must be a team player who co ordinates with team mates & wants the team to win while having fun.
(On some occasions being serious maybe required)

Choose your own class, but do so wisely as different game modes may require different choice of weapons and gadgets.

If enough members join we will have our own server, website and live stream on twitch (scrub tv).

You can only camp if its required. For example to cover team mates at long distance.

You must not already be part of a platoon.

Your K/D is irrelevant in this team, Ratio under 1.25 is ideal.

If you would like to join please leave a message in the platoon feed and add my G tag.

Don't forget to use {T456} as your tag.


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