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UPDATE2: If you want B2K maps or not, just write it in the message when registering your team on the website
UPDATE: Info and register here: http://district-prague.eu/en/tournaments/detail/10/battlefield-3

Hello everyone,
we would like to inform you about upcoming Battlefield 3 LAN organized in brand new gaming center District-Prague in Czech republic. LAN would be TUP (Turn up and play = non-BYOC) with 50 gaming computers.

Date: 15. - 16. June
Game format: Conquest 5 vs 5 infantry

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PC specifications:
Monitor: EIZO FORIS FS2333
MB: Gigabyte Z77-D3H Z77
GPU: Gigabyte nVidia GTX660 Ti 2GB
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
RAM: Kingston 8GB (2x4GB), 1600 MHz HyperX
HDD: WD 500 GB Caviar black
SSD: Kingston 120 GB, HyperX

Prize pool chart:
350€ / team
12 teams – 300€ + 50% of entrance fee = 2400€ prizemoney
16 teams – 500€ + 50% of entrance fee = 3300€ prizemoney
20 teams – 700€ + 50% of entrance fee = 4200€ prizemoney
30 teams – 1750€ + 50% of entrance fee = 7000€ prizemoney

+ possible HW prizes (20 teams = 1500€ HW)

Note that Prague is very cheap location for European teams.

We can also set up accommodation in a hotel nearby the gaming center for good price as well as transport from the airport to the venue. More info here http://district-prague.eu/en/13-services

You can also discuss here:

deviantGAMING Alpha EU
siXFinns Gaming

Current B2K maps vote results:

YES - 1
NO - 5

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