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Welcome to the hover much? ARENA. The brother platoon of hover much?

Created to organize helicopter tournaments. You love helicopter's and 2v2's... so please FAN the platoon :D

☰☰ http://challonge.com/hovermuch ☰☰

Winners: Strikar & Ensar || hover much? ARENA || 2v2 || JUL-AUG 2013 || 24 teams || All unlocks allowed, except gunner's guided missile.

Teams (24 of 24):

antiloppa13 & arnie345 ✓
ConssBR & Sky___HunTeeR ✓
Cut7er_93 & chris_lucky ✓
Death_FromTheGun & McScopy_Uprising ✓
iDimich & Leevusek ✓
donkazo1 & anhegel ✓
eak93 & MitchOfTheDoss ✓
guunnz & TiMmY_ThE_TaNk ✓
hempit & HonorBR-_Fid0_-I ✓
HooLiGaN_DeeBo & HooLiGaN_Hawk ✓
Kimcheez & Crayzwhitegurl ✓
Lubu20 & SnackPack96 ✓
makiethedog101 & WHITEWOLF_SHADOW ✓
NassDaddy & Ckrebel ✓
NZHoneyBadger & HS-GenElite ✓
o--PsYcO-PuNk--o & Alexey199 ✓
Sapasd & Cycl0n3r- ✓
sebas2aguas_esp & foload ✓
Simstep & Jerem6R ✓
sirhansen & gabbik ✓
Slipp1_T_FIN & davcio77 ✓
stormavatar & Ornelas00 ✓
STRIKER89_BABY & EnsarG58 ✓
TUTOR1905 & Herke-NL ✓

It will be a SINGLE elimination tournament, so you will get knocked out for losing against any opponent.

Match Rules:
1) Play 10 rounds only - 5 on US, and 5 on RU.
2) To win a round you must destroy your enemies helicopter or kill them, before they do to you. If you both die restart that round.
3) Go back and park on your spawn heli pad at the start of each round, and use chat room to say when you are ready. One team says READY, and the other says GO, then you fly.
4) TV missile sponge/smoke counts with proof (recording or witness).
5) If you crash, you lose that round.
6) All helicopter unlocks are allowed, but no guided missile for gunner. Also, no medic kit!
7) Caspian Border only.

Match Draw:
If you tie with a score 5:5. Play on (same server), switching sides after each extra round. First team to win 2 rounds (US & RU) in a row, will move to the next stage. This is ultimately a stage of endurance.

Server Region:
The server region will be decided by your gunner's. If your region is close (e.g. EU and East US) then play 5 rounds in each region. If the region is far (e.g. EU and West US) play in the middle (East US). If you are unsure, ask me.

There will be a strict time frame for each stage. The deadline for each stage will be shown at the top of the presentation. Both teams should arrange to play during this time frame. On the last day at 11pm BST (GMT+1), if one team dodges it will count as a loss. Proof of dodge can be as little as writing on the platoon feed with no reply.

1) If you use any weapon other than the helicopter.
2) If you use a medic kit at any time (rule 6)
3) If you leave the helicopter pad without confirming through chat (rule 3).
4) If you harass or trash talk to any of your opponents.

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