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Hi my name is Coah Bissmeyer. I have been in many clans like voltage, sinister, reak, and wka. All of them are well just not that fun. this platoon is for people that enjoy the game for what it is. I did have 1400 SPM, 3.1 KD, and 4 W/l but that does not matter! I do not try anymore and get angry at the game, i just have fun. This platoon will also be for BF4 i am going to try for top 100 for leader-boards.

Hey this is SSgtHeath to give you my input. This clan is pretty cool cause' i play this game for fun, not for points, not for kills, and not for stupid K/Ds. So a platoon that allows me to kick ass on my ass and also don't judge me due to some numbers is pretty sweet in my book.

-Age 14+
-Play often
-Good at medic when needed
-Can play multiple classes/game-modes
-Good at some sort of vehicle

I want this to be a cool platoon were you guys/girls can say that you are glade to be in this platoon. Tell your friends because this platoon is going to go viral!!!

Squad 1: Coah and 3 others

Squad 2: SSgtHeath and 3 others

and more if needed...

Tanks: Coah and 11 others

Many more squads to come...

Helicopters: Coah and 11 others

Jets: RexPowerColt and 11 others

CTF: Competitive

Flag runners: SSgtHeath and 2-4 other (depending on how full we are)

More positions will be sorted out later... (BTR, Jeeps/buggys, etc)

Message us (Coah/Heath) if you want to apply for a leader or vehicle position.


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