The Asylum Knights
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This platoon is for players who will be playing in BF3 community comp. We will also be playing BF4 comp on Xbox One! We are Recruiting.

We will be competing in ESGNs Conquest season 3

6v6 Intermediate Undefeated Champions

Facebook group-

Facebook Page


Infantry Personal
* ll Downsey ll
* Loading Phase1
* walabies AU
* Jugganutzz
* ll BIGG MAKK ll
* Ballz Mahoony
* Tug Mckenzie
* Call Me IRISH
* MystifiedCrayon
* NoizeJunky362
* telfs4

Vehicular Squadron
* Dark ValkyrieNZ
* chur bro nz
* Kiaza XD
* Tiny Tight Tigr
* OG DarkYetiNZ
* II Twitch
* lRages
* TeknoJunky362
* iiDaniel13

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