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Real Time Killas was started on M.A.G and still going strong there, but now we have the BF3 platoon going. The goal of RTK is to be represented in all major FPS titles and more. In the near future we will have a website wear we can all get together and share the love for gaming. We would also, like to enter gaming tournaments and/or start our own tournament system!

To be a RTK you must be able to work as a team and realize that a squad that is organized and sticks together will achieve more success then a squad that is doing their own thing.

Platoon Tag is RTK. Please use it if we are your primary platoon. To edit your tag just go to your profile, edit profile and it should be right there.

All skill levels welcomed and veteran gamers are encouraged to help the newer guys out as well as new guy's PLEASE ask any and all questions you might have!

Lets squad up and win some battle's! REAL TIME KILLAS OUT!

FYI In order to squad up as a team you must be PSN friends so please add me (cmow5) and any/all of the other RTK members! []


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