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EVL = The Evil Gang

Welcome to The Evil Gang! We are a group of guys / gals who love to play FPS games. EVL has been around since April 2010, and over time, members have supported, respected, trusted and always looked out for each other.

There aren't any special rules or commitments as other clans might have, just a respect for each other and a
willingness to back other EVL members up through thick and thin. And of course, have fun too!!

As a member, we DO expect you to wear our EVL clan tag. It shows a sense of loyalty and support to your fellow
members. If you're not willing to show your support, and wear the tag, then don't bother applying.

New members are encouraged to check out the Hello and Welcome thread in the round table forum, at our
website. If you are inviting a new member, please remember to post in the recruitment thread, giving their name
so that they can be accepted. No applications will be approved without following the proper procedures.

Please note that our website has an 18+ age requirement for registering

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