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The Clan was established in 2006, with the game Battlefield 2142.

We have been keen to compete in infantry only and vehicle matches. We have turned in to a community in the last number of years. But our intentions are to return to being competitive clan in the future.

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  • wndsr a écrit sur le mur de la section -2DEATH- :
    Oh hey guys!
  • Lataruz a écrit sur le mur de la section -2DEATH- :
    And i guess we should start using the TS3 server, as we got our own channel there now we can use, we can also make all the channels we need on TS within our area atleast
    Kiyoshi-kyu Yeah my thoughts too. I want to learn how to use the bf3 admin, on DEFR server
    il y a 7 ans
    Kiyoshi-kyu Hey Josh!
    il y a 7 ans
  • Lataruz a écrit sur le mur de la section -2DEATH- :
    We are now a part of Dead friends, they want us all to join their platoon, and i suggest we change our tag to DEFR ingame and use 2DEATH at the start of our origin names (Samurai idea)
  • Lataruz a écrit sur le mur de la section -2DEATH- :
    On Sunday there is going to be a meeting with the LoD people on the Dead Friends TS3 server, mainly conserning the LoD league. but there is also talk about merging our clan with them to get a more activity base. Some, mainly myself and MOOF (as far as i know) do want to keep some of our identity as 2DEATH if possible. im thinking that we atleast should be able to get a forum signature or something to mark that. but personaly i would like to maybe have my 2D infront of ingame name (after their clantag) Also i would like to chack out this forum post and voice yout thoughts about it
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    Kiyoshi-kyu Fair enough Christian ;p
    il y a 7 ans
    D4L3 Ive spoken to M00F and i agree that we need to keep 2DEATH alive in some form.. We cant lose our identity.. But i think this would be a good idea to get in with a really active clan and keep things alive a bit easier :)
    il y a 7 ans
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