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The Golden Sidewinders 96th Division (GS96) is an Online PC Gaming Community founded in June 2009. Our primary mission is to provide an environment for PC gamers who show maturity & respect for other gamers no matter what their skill level may be. We strive to be a place for PC gamers to feel welcome & make new friends while playing the games we enjoy.

• Majority of GS96 members are over the age of 30. We have many in their 40s, 50s, 60s and Badaboom1942 who is 71 years old.

• We accept those over the age of 18 years old. Rare expections are made for those under 18 but they must be mature enough for GS96 members.

• We have several members who are female. We welcome more female gamers to join us.

• We have many members who are Christian. While GS96 is not a dedicated (primary focus) Christian clan, we fully support & aim to have Christian fellowship in PC gaming (like being on your church’s softball team). We do encourage & support other members when needed. But outreach programs & fellowship of Bible study, prayer and worship is better addressed in a more face-to-face setting like your local church.

• We have opportunities for members to be involved in the GS96 operations. The more they are involved the more opportunities are made available.

• We strive to have a good time & fun while playing all the games we enjoy.

For more information on GS96 please check out our website:

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