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Veni Vidi Vici is a Battlefield clan active on PlayStation® - PS3™.
It was born in January 2011 and it was founded by suya91 with the help of his brother vVv__TheWall, then they started to recruit some friends and began to look for other skilled players.
We started playing competitive on bfbc2, even though we were just a Group of italian friends with a polish guy,. When bf3 came out vVv started recruiting players from all around the world, it took a while to find the perfect chemistry, but after almost 2 years on this game this team has become one of the very best.

vVv website: http://www.vvv123.enjin.com/

Playtime: (there could be some exceptions)
From monday to Friday: 7 - 8 PM GMT
Saturdays: We rarely play matches
Sunday: 1 PM - 8 PM GMT

Recruitment: Closed

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