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What is AER0.
( Advancing Elites Regiment # 0 )

We are a Battlefield 3 Dominator, WE play as a team.
We are the AER0 head of Battlefields competitiveness.

Become a fan and send messege to join :)


-So recently we have got together and came up with a new system. We will be ranking. in the clan.
*Ranks get earned by showing, skills, teamwork, effectiveness and hardwork.
*Ranks Are numbered but are translated through the clan. For instance.

*AER8= Private
*AER7= Corporal
*AER6= Sargent
*AER5= Staff Sargent
*AER4= Master Sargent
*AER3= 2nd lieutenant
*AER2= Captain
*AER1= Coronel
*AER0= General

*RANK ACCEPTION: If you are level 45 or up in BF3 you will automatically be ranked to a AER3 (Sargent).

(Private) - Play at least 5 games with clan.

(Corporal) - Play at least 10 games with clan, be a regular clan gamer.

(Sargent) - Must be a Sargent or higher in BF3, Show teamwork, Show respect to higher ranks, Listen to orders well.

(Staff Sargent) - This rank you get if you have been a good pilot, both in transportation and attacking.
(Master Sargent) - Show leadership skills, and have a escalating K/D.

(2nd Lieutenant) - Must be at least a 38 in BF3 Show very good leadership skills, and show good battlefield skills.

(Captain) - have a K/D of over 1.80 and play battlefield with clan at least 3 days a week.

(Coronel) - Be one of the second in commands!, to get this rank, you must be a good friend of MarineSpec, or other Clan leaders, and be a Very good player.

(General) - given this rank, there can only be two generals , and this rank would be given to the most eligible. and must have the rank of 45 in Bf3 or higher. With the general rank, you will be respected and listened two, as well have LEADER rights on the battlelog AER0 platoon.

RANKS come with perks for instance. The higher rank can tell lower ranks where to go, and what class to use.
*Higher ranks, control what game is played (SQUAD LEADER).

Only Officers can rank people ( 2nd lieutenant and up ).

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, PUT ON WALL, That you want to join like this "I WANT TO JOIN THE NEW SYSTEM".

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