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Manuscript for EA and DICE,

We are sending an awareness to all of the BF3 Fans and the community to help support this cause for EA and DICE to create private servers for consoles: XBOX and PS3.

It is crucial for this game to have private servers because we believe it is the heart of the gaming community and the competitiveness is always a part of every platoon.

If there are platoons existing in this game, there should be private servers to back this system up, otherwise, it is useless for this game to have the platoon nonsense and not be able for platoons to battle with other platoons privately for competitions.

Patches can be made.

Changes are possible.

You need to remember that consoles, played a huge generation of your financial statement's revenue for this sequel. More over than the PC, as what you guys in EA and DICE expected to rise the BF3 title to its glory.

If this game claims to rise above the competitive side and if this game claims to be the best multiplayer experience out there, you guys in EA and DICE need to know how to define real multiplayer experience.

And by that said, having private servers is the answer.

by the board of members of the platoon "The Alpha Team"
and by all of the gaming platoons in the community.

Join this platoon and fan. Spread the awareness. Drag it to the forums.

We bought this game, make our money worth the price.

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