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                                                     THE FOURTEENTH LEGION
                                                               Gemina Martia Victrix 
                                                      ○○○{ THE REAL-LIFE LEGIO }○○○

LEG·XIIII·G.M.V. was a legion of the Roman Republic and Empire. The cognomen Gemina Martia Victrix translates roughly to, "The Twin, Blessed By Mars, Is Victorious." The legion was raised in Cisalpine Gaul (modern day Italian Alps) by Julius Caesar and followed him throughout his career. The Fourteenth was considered unlucky during Augustus' reign. Under Germanicus, they won honors avenging the disaster of Teutoburg Forest and retrieving two of the three Eagles lost there. Led by Claudius, the legion invaded Britain and defeated Bouddica's army of 230,000 with a force of less than 10,000. The Fourteenth was considered Emperor Nero's favorite legion.

                                                             ○○○{ ABOUT US }○○○

We took the name of the Fourteenth Legion because we are all ancient history buffs to some degree, and we embrace the fighting ethos of the classic Legionary soldier. LEG·XIIII·G.M.V. was known to take on impossible odds and succeed or be obliterated trying.

Our ages range from 18-40. Most of us are long-time, real-life friends. Most of us have been playing as a squad since Bad Company 2. We play almost exclusively in Hardcore servers, predominately Conquest but also Rush. The XIV is migrating to Battlefield 4 on the Playstation 4, as well as expanding onto STEAM (PC) for ROME II.

There is no single leader in the XIVth, the LEGIO operates by majority vote, with each member having an equal vote and an equal platform to speak. He who is silent is taken to agree.

                                                             ○○○{ JOINING US }○○○

In order to join the LEGIO, you must become a LEGIO by name. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. We realize that creating a new account is a huge commitment that may take some time to think about - but that's why we require it. Consequently, we have NEVER had any internal turmoil or any other clan drama. If you cannot think of a name from the Roman Empire, we'll make some recommendations! See below for name formatting.

                                                             ○○○{ Awards, Ranks, and Titles }○○○

AQUILIFER AWARD: The Fourteenth Legion's Player of the Year. Every December, the LEGIO elect a member its Player of the Year; the person who best represents the clan. This player receives the honorific title of AQUILIFER, as well as the Roman numeral for the year it is received. The 2011 Aquilifer, Octavian, bears the title Aquilifer MMXI. The 2012, Dominus, bears the title Aquilifer MMXII. The 2013 Aquilifer will bear the title Aquilifer MMXIII.

SIGNIFER TITLE: The title for all LEGIO who were victorious in a clan battle. Numerals are added for each additional battle. For example, the title for having fought in two clan battles is Signifer II.

EVOCATUS RANK: The player has 100 hours of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and/or Rome II gameplay. Numerals are added for each 100 hours of gameplay. For example, the title for having played 200 hours is Evocatus II.

                                                             ○○○{ ROSTER }○○○

OCTAVIAN                           Evocatus VIII              Signifer II              Aquilifer MMXI  
LEGATUS                            Evocatus VI                Signifer II
DOMINUS                            Evocatus III                                               Aquilifer MMXII    
VENATOR                            Evocatus II                              
CENTURION                       Evocatus
TIBERIUS                             Evocatus
MARIUS                                                                     Signifer II

                                                             ○○○{ NAME FORMAT }○○○

                                               PSN NAMES SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS:
                                                                [XIV] LEGIO-Legatus

                                               STEAM NAMES SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS:
                                                               [LEG XIV GMV] Legatus

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