2 vs. 2 Chopper Scrim
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Active Helicopter with decent hours on public. Willing to do 2v2's and be active in the scene.

This platoon is dedicated to the 2v2 helicopter scene of Battlefield 3

I opened up an xfire group for this platoon, since battlelog doesn't support platoon chats.




-Both opponents spawn in their bases.

-After getting into their chopper, both teams write "READY" into the match chat. One of the both opponents is answering with "GO" to start the round and the fight.

-Both heli teams play as long as the enemy chopper is destroyed. If one player is shot out of the chopper, while the helicopter is still intact, he can respawn on his teammate.

-If one chopper was destroyed, the winning team flies back to its main base. The chopper of the winning team has to land on the chopper spawn. Afterwards the same start procedure with "ready" and "go" starts again.

-Both teams are allowed to leave the chopper to repair it, or to shot with RPGs/SMAW (the use of stinger or javelin rocket launcher is forbidden).

-Both teams are not allowed to use any other vehicle
After 5 times destroying one chopper both teams swap from US to RUS and RUS to US.

-One team has won, when it was able to destroy the enemy chopper 7 times!

Play fair & Hard

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