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Guardians Platoon
We welcome all nationalities, we are a UK based platoon (English language is a advantage).

We are a serious platoon and we accept all members of all ranks, we have a laugh from time to time, it would be another advantage if you have a microphone, teamwork is needed also tag must be on at all time and person must be battlefield 3 active if not with out an excuse then they will be kicked and most important thing loyalty to the platoon and members
We play all modes and dominate the game!

About Guardians .
We are a old platoon but we are getting back in shape by recruiting and much more we hope to be able to expand and be known world wide.

MckenziePointon- Founder Commander of platoon
ST1NKY_F1NG3RzZ- Co founder leader of platoon
buletproofbeard- co leader of platoon

What happens when you join.
When you join the platoon you need to change your gravatar so you can put your rank you need to give your email address so Mckenzie can send you a rank which are more or less the like platoon emblem which was not uploaded from the internet Mckenzie made it if you want a russian engineer i can do that.

No racism,rude comments. immature when not to be.

We are also looking for certain ranks for which people are good at such as administrator, tactical advisor and guns specialist also much more

We do platoon battles if we get enough people
and we also host a server every weekend for recruiting, all members will be vips and all welcome.

Thanks for joining Guardians
The Unbeaten

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