The Bullets Scream
Plaque: [TBS] Fans: 39 Créé: 22-03-2012

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Welcome to The Bullets Scream! Our platoon is essentially a network of friends who enjoy playing Battlefield games as a team, and who have a strong desire to win.

The platoon title derives from a line from the classic rock song 'Rooster' by Alice In Chains. It is a tribute to songwriter Jerry Cantrell Jr's father, a Vietnam veteran who was able to survive against insurmountable odds in warfare. In this clan we will do our best to emulate his never-say-die attitude.

We are a casual clan which does not put harsh obligations on its members, e.g. attendance requirements, absolute loyalty committments, skill requirements etc. Come one, come all. We have a no bullshit policy - in other words: respect your clanmates, play to win, embrace friendship, and no political bullshit in the clan.

Our only firm rules:
*No racism, sexism, or any other kind of discriminatory behaviour will be tolerated.
*No cheaters/hackers/boosters allowed.
*No defamatory remarks are to be made against co-members

Simple. See you on the battlefield comrades.

- JZ, Jarry & Mr Orange

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