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Once we get enough platoon members, we should be able to start filling the server(s)! Invite any true hardcore fans you know!

[GEO] BFBC2 True HC Conquest | 60% Health | No Minimap | RANKED
[GEO] BFBC2 True HC TDM | 60% Health | No Minimap | RANKED

Bullet damage 100%
Vehicles On
Kill cam Off
Man down time 100%
Show enemy names Off
Respawn time 100%
Show HUD Off
Show minimap Off
Regenerate health Off
Minimap spotting Off
Friendly fire On
Idle kick 300 sec
Squad leader spawn Off
Team balance On
3P vehicle cam On
Max TK before kick 10
Player health 60%
3D spotting Off
Ban after kicks 2

Server Type: RANKED
Preset: CUSTOM
Owner: Saba I am

These are some of the coolest servers we have, and definitely some of the BEST on BF3! They're some of the ONLY servers on Xbox right now that is running a FULLY HARDCORE gametype (including NO minimaps and 60% health), but is still RANKED. In order to prevent the abuse of this work around (the ability to use unranked game settings in ranked servers), GEO members wont be revealing how to do this! To find a server, search [GEO] on the search column on the server browser. Unfortunately, this server is for Xbox only.

Our admins will NEVER kick people for doing well, or for being better than them. People will ONLY get kicked for one of the following reasons: repetitive team kills, not following the rules/restrictions set out in the server description (for example shotguns only) (in the case of this BFBC2 server there are no specific rules/regulations), to make room for VIP list players, no admins are in the game and one or more of them need/want to join. In the situation where we're trying to make room for a VIP list player(s), the lowest scoring player(s) will be kicked. If all the players are relatively even in score, the lowest ranked player(s) will be kicked. As for team swapping, if we ever need to team swap for whatever reason, we will usually swap the lowest ranking/solo player. This means that if you have 3 or 4 friends all with the same clan tag, we'll swap someone else, even if someone in your clan is the lowest scoring.

.-={CQ Map Rotation}=-.
Operation Metro, Noshahr Canals, Kharg Island, Seine Crossing, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Damavand Peak, Grand Bazaar, Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Island.

.-={TDM Map Rotation}=-.
Kharg Island, Seine Crossing, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Grand Bazaar, Damavand Peak, Tehran Highway, Noshahr Canals, Operation Metro.

For more server info, please visit:

For a list of our other servers, follow this forum thread:

To help us convice DICE to allow us to use custom settings on a hardcore gametype, follow this forum thread:


MOST IMPORTANTLY, help us advertise these AMAZING servers, please bump this forum thread as often as you can:


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