Brony Guards
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Love and Tolerate? Well, If that's what you want to call it...

A platoon dedicated to MLP fans. We are based at Every Brony welcome!

We meet up on Xbox LIVE every so often. Its a real laugh and we all get on really well. We play serious games to get some points in; But we also have some not-so-serious ones to keep up the hype.

Recommandations: 1.Try to keep your Saturdays open, it is our meet up day and it would be awesome for you to make them.
2.You should try to be active as well, for it is a rule that if you are inactive for over a month, without an excuse, you will be kicked. Though by no means should you be on 24/7, it is just nice to see your face every once in a while.
3. Play nice! It is no fun playing with a butt.
(Note: these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, there are currently no requirements to join besides having bf3 on the xbox.)

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