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The Very Best Friends Forever

We're a unique clan with the magical gift of giving and friendship. Giving the opposing team hell while maintaining and enjoyable atmosphere to the extent of legendary tier. Many clans strive for very best friendship status, and sadly many fall short. If spreading love and friendship like brain and skull fragments through the form of 50. Cal round to your enemies head isn't loving, if using pink mist to make a rainbow isn't caring, if dunking your sweaty dirty nut sack in a corpses mouth isn't compassion... Then I don't want to be part of a world that isn't.

We might win at everything, be handsome as fuck and skip through mine fields naked, hand in hand – but that is because the power of friendship is a force of nature in its own right. You, as a player; will experience this first hand as you do badass things so many times that badass becomes mundane and ordinary.

Wake up hungry? Oh, look; you’ve unlocked a holographic sight on your breakfast!
Late for work? Nope.jpg. You’ve got squad sprint on!
Your lover not performing up to scratch? UNDERSLUNG ATTACHMENT ACHIEVED – 50g for you!

The basics are this: We try to win to the best of our ability, and most times we do. We're proactive in the field, team play is important to us - consider us more like hunters and you'll get our play style. Spot, ammo and health as much as possible when needed. Bring the right tool for the right job, don't be stubborn in your kits and help balance the squad (I.e everyone being the same class) if it doesn't compromise your game style 9don't use things you're not comfortable with if you don't want) and lastly watch your squad perks, keep 'em different. But most of all have fun, joke about and relax.

So remember, you can always make friends. But you cannot make very best friends. Why are you still reading this? Your very best friends forever need you!

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ARGYAmphetamine/videos?flow=grid&view=0

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