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What is Çarşı?
Çarşı is Beşiktaş’s independent supporter group which was established in 1982. Çarşı are Beşiktaş fanatics. Not only the football team, but they support any sport or recreation where the Beşiktaş emblem is represented. Çarşı’s love for the emblem and black & white colours of the club is unexplainable. They are proud of the team representing the working class/public(Publics Team) as many of the groups members come from a working class backround.
Çarşı are a rebellious and independant group originally formed to prevent the expansion of rival team support in the suburb of Besiktas.
The commonly used phrase ‘Çarşı is against everything’ is a term which hard to understand by others. What makes is more complicated is another commonly used phrase which is ‘Çarşı is against itself’. These phrases are used to bring forward the fact that Çarşı is a group which speaks out and against things thats it dislikes and if any mistakes are made, it can also be against itself. 
Over the years Çarşı has become a soul for Beşiktaş. Çarşı’s great support for Beşiktaş starts at Istanbul Inonu Stadıum and spreads all across the country. Passion for the team is as it has never been seen before!

Why Çarşı is different
As Beşiktaş is the first club in Turkey, Çarşı is one of the oldest established groups in Turkey, celebrating its 25th year in 2007. Growing attention and intrest towards Çarşı throughout the country is due to the groups passion and creativity. Çarşı is known as being a fired up and very creative group. This is evident through the new banners and chants the group constantly produces. Çarşı is one of the few groups in Turkey who are constantly in a fight against the industrlialisation of football, which is another reason why they are always under the spot light.
Çarşı, also has a socially responsible group. This is proved through banners such as: ‘ÇARŞI AGAINST NUCLEER’- ‘ÇARŞI AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING’-… The group is also against racism, wars and immoral acts proven through banners like: ‘ÇARŞI AGAINST RACISM’- ‘WE ARE ALL BLACK’- ‘ÇARŞI AGAINST DENMARK’-ÇARŞI AGAINST WAR etc...

After many European games it is evident that european players and supporters couldnt get over the fact of what great supporters Beşiktaş has! The chants begin in the home terrace of Çarşı (Kapali) and reach the extent to where players knees weaken. Çarşı also holds the world sound record of 132 decibels recorded by EUROSPORT. 90 minutes non-stop chanting is proof of the passion the group feels towards the club.

Çarşı’s Love For Beşiktaş
‘Without Beşiktaş there would be no Çarşı’- ‘Everything is for Beşiktaş’, are the common phrases used by Çarşı leaders. The group has accepted Besiktas equaling life and that life is equal to Besiktas (Besiktas = Life). Banners refering to Çarşı’s love of the club are also very popular and identifiable banners at stadiums. 

Where is Çarşı?
Before matches, Çarşı members meet up in locations throughout Beşiktaş. The most famous pre-match drinks location however is the ‘Kazan Bar’. After a few drinks and chants, the group march through the suburb and enter the legendary ‘Kapalı terrace’. Çarşı also travells to all away games. 
Nower days Beşiktaş Fans gather under the name ÇARŞI. It is as though an umbrella for Beşiktaş fans thorugh the world. It quıte common to come across representatıves such as Çarşı Ankara, Çarşı İzmir, Çarşı Berlin etc... 

Who is a part of Çarşı?
“Çarşı is a soul and whoever feels a part of this soul is Çarşı” Alen Markaryan(Çarşı Capo) That’s explain enough.

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