Plaque: [PONY] Fans: 45 Créé: 08-10-2012

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Welcome to all who are interested. If you are part of another clan AND decide to REMAIN loyal to them, don't apply. We expect complete loyalty and respect from all members, especially those who give it their all. If you would like to join, then please change your clan tag to [PONY].

Our server's title is [PONY] COMPETITIVE. Hope to see you out there/)
I would like to ask you to EMAIL ME WHEN YOU HAVE THE TIME @ competitivebronyclan@gmail.com
I need this to ask about your availability so i can set up events, or practice matches appropriately. I would also like you to add as many members of the clan as you can, especially admins/leaders so we can put you on the VIP list and to get you in game faster.

More importantly YOUR INPUT MATTERS. Have any ideas,comments,remarks? I need to know. Send memorex11235 a message or email. i am constantly trying to improve us as a whole and your opinions help make that happen.

Practice matches are now officially every Saturday and Sunday starting 5:00 pm EST

Current clan battle stats: Rebel clan (2-1)/ Hog clan (23-25) IRAQ clan (6-4) TOON-(10-6), 4H-(4-7)ASH(1-2),OP(7-6)

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