Shaca's HOOAH Army !
Plaque: [BEEP] Fans: 15 Créé: 22-03-2013

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Last Platoon Randomly disabled. EA_Rick don't touch my platoon. >:D


HOOAHing is a right guaranteed under the first amendment of the Constitution of Forumfield 3. One is awarded this right upon purchase of Battlelfield 3. This right may only be revoked if a citizen violates the law of Forumfield. There is no such thing as excessive HOOAHing as the HOOAH capability has been rationed and nerfed by DICE. There can never be enough HOOAH's We will not be opressed.

We are brutal HOOAH mercenaries bombing ANYONE* on forumfield.

What does it feels to be in this platoon?

it feels like a unicorn jumping over double rainbow, and all your favourite musicians collaborate on a song just for you!

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