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flatLine was created on the 26th of June 2013.
This team was formed as a branch off from a larger team as it was slowly disintegrating, with mainly infantry players in mind we formed our own team and are competing in all divisions across bf3 and are setting up and recruiting for bf4! message flatLine HacKa for requests

Leader/Founder(s) : flatLine HacKa ~ flatLine chinny~ flatLine Renzik

Captain(s): flatLine HacKa ~ flatLine chinny~ flatLine Renzik~Careing

Air Captains: flatLine chinny~ XxGetbuck123

Armour Captain :SinisterKlownz


flatLine: BF3
-ESGN's $600 6v6 Tournament Pro division Winners!- (Undefeated 9-0)
-CyberGamer 5v5 League Grand final Winners!- (Undefeated 14-0)
-ESGN Squad Rush season 2 Grand final Winners!- ( 10-1)
-ESGN Conquest season 3 Winners!- (Undefeated (10-0)
-ESGN's $600 6v6 Tournament Intermediate division Runners up! (6-2)
-ESGN Squad Rush season 2 Preliminary finalists! -
flatLine: BF4

- flatLine HacKa
- flatLine Renzik
- flatLine chinny
- flatLine cK
- flatLine Gooner
- flatLine Kh
- Careing
- Zewydogg
- Cheeekyy
- OresomeFoursome
- Tequim
- Dogcan
- lFeacal Matter
- MoparMathew
- XxGetbuck123
- Sinsterklownz
- NSA Devils R Us
- OresomeFoursome
- Ximba/Scrub

Team record since first established:
43 wins 1 loss
Team 2: 15-4
Only team to win 4 consecutive Australian competitions.

Proudly proven to be the best Australian/NZ Battlefield 3 team across all genres

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