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vehicle scrims
message eXploit Sponge
infantry scrims
message coolkillerz or eXploit Sn4k3
-------------- roster
Coolkillerz(#1 Bk, the new boss)
The Rambo Jesus(Infantry God)...JFK's Girlfriend
JFKDOMESH0Txxxx (the hoe)
eXploit Sn4k3(the carrier)
i Get Nasty(he gets nasty)
eXploit Sickboy(clutchs boyfriend)
eXploit Sponge(the canadian)
llAxelFoleyll(he carrys bigg sponge)
TormenT(fooeys agent)
Eagle lz(ruler of chancletia)
CENO8ITES(the welsh prime minister)
eXploit iGun(leader of FaZe)
eXploit iFly(Devgrus agent)

if looking for matches&scrims post a time and date up on the platoon page.
if you are looking to join hit up 1 of the leaders on xbox and also post a message up on the platoon page if you could'nt get a leader.
all members who are on the team you must put up the clantag the clantag is (eXp)

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