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This is a temporary Platoon that vVv will use in order to try-out some new guys untill bf4 platoon support will be available.
We won't be too strict with the requirements to join this platoon, but it has to be clear that not everyone who is in this platoon will be allowed to join the main platoon we'll create as soon as possible. This means that we'll keep an eye on everyone and try to spot those guys who show good individual skill, teamworks skill and especially interest in being vVv!

-You need to have a PS4
-You have to be a nice guy and a nice player
-We refrain to add trivial requirements, but the above is not enough of course :D

It will be already difficult to join this platoon and even more difficult to join the main platoon, so do not waste your time applying if you know you aren't a BEAST! thank you :D

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