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--------------------------------------------------------About SOUL!--------------------------------------------------------------------------
First and foremost welcome to SOUL's platoons page. WE are a casual and competitive group of players from across the globe and with players in almost every time zone! Started in 2014, SOUL has grown into one of the largest and best clans that play on Battlefield. With members in Both BF3 and BF4 we have plenty of people for you to meet.

----------------------------------------------------- Requirements to Join SOUL -------------------------------------------------------
Currently Recruiting:
[✓] Jet Pilots
[✓] LAV/ Tank Driver(s)
[✓] Infantry

Standard Requirements:

[✓] A Microphone (Headset Preferred)
[✓] 400+ SPM
[✓] 1.0+ K/D
[✓] Mature
[✓] Active Player (Includes Battlelog)

----------------------------------------------------- SOUL Competitive Assignments------------------------------------------------------


Helicopter/ Scout Heli:
Rapterfire AKA (OG KUSH) (Pilot)
Zhala (The Clan's bitch) (Gunner)

LAV / Tanks:

------------------------------------------------------------------Match History------------------------------------------------------------------

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