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http://www.gif-paradies.de/gifs/gemischtes/linien/linie_0170.gif [gif-paradies.de]

Founded by Mrwhite7741in 2013
With the help of good friends Jetstream_Lays! and Marcraft23 known to each other for years through love of close quarter maps particuarly Ziba Tower.

We go away back to the OscarMike (oM) days then onto SiC and of course our own server CQS which will make a return in the near future in battlefield 4

We Screen test all new applicants so they are clean players
We use Metabans Cheat'ometer tool for general assessment in bf3 and bf4 cheatmeter for bf4

We run a cheat free server thanks to this service which is controlled manually so if you are banned from CQS its because you have a high cheat percentage. Nothing personal.

We welcome all new members to the clan and see you on the battlefield!



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