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I will announce some future changes in ELPI Platoon, due to some circumstances we will "clean" our platoon. Only a very high skilled player can be a member ! - our requirements, please see below. We won't kick consisting members - we'll move them to our ТΞΛM ΞLPI - those who got kicked should apply to ТΞΛM ΞLPI ! It should be ELITE since FLABSLABS will end. ELPI is a famous Platoon in the world and has a very good reputation - It should be better!!!

Requirements to be a member are:
- good behavior, good manners!
- minimum age: 18 years
-at least kills as jetpilot = 20k, Heligunner = 20k, Helipilot = 10k
-High skiller |||
NOTE: Kills are not the 1st priority
We reserve our exclusivity--- -xxxKILLYOUxxx-
Aufgrund aktueller Ereignisse will ich euch darauf aufmerksam machen, dass es eine Clanregel gibt die besagt, dass ELPI Member nicht gegeinander fliegen. Die einzige Ausnahme dieser Regel ist die, dass die ELPIs die den Server zuletzt betreten haben, die bereits auf dem Server befindlichen ELPIS fragen ob es OK für Sie ist. Ansonsten müssen die Spieler, die den Server zuletzt betreten haben auf das Fliegen im gegnerischen Team verzichten.

Due to current events I would like to point out that we have a rule that ELPI members do not fly versus each other. The only exception from this rule is that the players joining the server later ask the other ELPIs on the server about it - if they agree it´s OK. In any other case the players that joined last have to step back from flying in the enemy team.
Invite only


An ELITE Pilot should have experience in flying Helicopters or Jets. At least 20000 Kills or very high skill.

In this platoon are members who are taking flying seriously.

....if someone needs backup ask ELITE PILOTS.
ELITE PILOTS should help each other.

WICHTIG: Zur Zeit nehmen wir keine Member mehr auf! - Die Anzahl der Bewerbungen ist zu viel!
At present we don't take any members in our platoon. There are too many appliers.
Now we only take members, who are playing with us!!! We only take members who are with us on TS3 and playing often on ELPI Server. We take Teamplayers!! Wir nehmen nur noch Mitglieder auf, die auch mit uns zusammen im Teamplay mitspielen!!!! Auf unserem ELPI Server oft dabei sind, und auch oft in unserem TS3!!!
You can meet us at Teamspek 3. Ask for password

ip TS3:

Please note: We will wipe out members who has nothing to do with us and don't play with us. We take flying serious and teamwork! Mates who are playing with us are wellcome to take ELPI as platoon tag. We dont need only statistic members who are taking ELITE PILOTS just for show. auf Deutsch: In kürze werden wir das Platoon ausmisten. Es bleiben nur ernstzunehmende Member darin, die oft mit uns in den Kampf ziehen. Diese können auch das Platoontag ELPI tragen. Besucht uns in unser Teamspeak. Wir möchten keine Statistik u. Karteileichen.

Platoon Design for BMC
This is our choice
This is BlackMen'sChoice

and this is BMC serv:
_oh kurwa thats polish_ thats eng

~to get pw you need to rekt greek

!votekick BMC

BMC > tryharders where da faq is description ?!

BMC founder: figure
BMC hacker/hater: greek
BMC diver: arcus
BMC bird: aix
BMC tv fucker: coro childrens:
BMC adopted child: alex
BMC drift king: memes
BMC anonymous: evelynn
BMC xa00xa0ax0ax0axa0xax0: spartan
BMC Jackie Chan: hellcat
BMC pownie: pownie pownie

>>>To become a leader you have to defeat greek

#1 - BMC4LIFE_ in your name
#2 - be nigga
#3 - have a big dick (at least 30cm) + 2 balls
#4 - rekt Greek nab
#5 - if you lose javi will take your place

Platoon Design for MSu

---------------------------------------------------WELCOME TO MILITARY SOLIDAR UNIT----------------------------------------------

Our platoon consists of Battlefield 3 players from all around the world! Through skill and teamwork between platoon members we will probably (definitely) win games and definitely (probably) have many fan girls!

* Our server -
* HeadAdmin - aimdavid (

Requirements for entry:
1. 5 000 kils form ( Heli \ Jet \ Tank \ AA \ Littlebird )
2. Teamplay
3. Good behavior
4. Minimum age: 18
5. High Skill

One for all, all for one!

(Use Bblog to see normaly) -
-----------------------------------------------------------------BEST FLY MAPS ™ -------------------------------------------------------------
* We play on best fly maps like a lot and people hate us.
Server -
Requirements for entry:
1. Be Hated on server
2. Teamplay
3. Good behavior
4. Minimum age: 18
5. High Skill
Squad created jointly with BMC4LIFE.
-----------------------------------------------------------------********************* -------------------------------------------------------------

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