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_________ Welcome Battlefield Gamers ________

This is the Official RsQ (Rescue Squad Spec Ops) Platoon Its copyrights are Registered , any copy or cheat is strictly prohibated.

Clan Info- We Dont judge whether you are Bad or Not ,we dont discriminate on the basis of region we all come under one Clan and We share ONE HELL OF A TEAM , we just want one thing from our members that is The LOYALTY towards the clan and the TRUST and RESPECT for each other , need any kind of help ? contact me or the leaders we are always there for you.

Permission to join- As we said we dont discriminate so whoever you are your welcome if you can be a trustworthy team mate for the clan mates, you are invited to join our clan and we will always be there to Help you in possible ways but just remmember one thing you should be LOYAL to the clan and Trust each other thats all we need.

If u are the member of RsQ then you should Put your clan tag as RsQ as soon as possible, so that other members can add u and play with you.

So if u wanna Have fun and want some GReat amount of teamplay we are the team , to get into the team just simply give a request to the founder or the leader , we will reach by you soon :)

Members - All the RsQ members u can call your friends to be a part of the clan, tell them to contact the founder or the leaders and i will make them a member , it will be good you and your friends in same clan also it will help the clan to grow.

For other clan people - Anything about clan wars you can contact the head of RsQ. Message me on any of the following ID given below (preferably soumil_killer) .

Soumil1994 <<
Soumil_killeR << ( Founder RsQ , over and out )

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