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This is the Recruit page for iNsanity Gaming™. If you wish to join the clan show your interest by applying for a tryout here.
If the tryout is granted you will be contacted by one of the leaders and redirected to our webpage for further instructions.
Please click ''Official Page'' Button above to find more information about the clan.



There are different requirements for each Division However acceptable stats are as follows:

• K/D - 3.0+
• SPM: ~900+
• Age 16
• Mic
• Activity level of at least 15 hours per week

The applications that do not meet our requirements will be reviewed on a base to base basis and may be affected by the Division you are applying for.

Infantry Division [ ✓ ] - 5 Positions Available
Armor Division [ ✗ ] - Available tryout for top tank drivers
Air Division [ ✓ ] - Jet and Chopper Pilots


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