Welcome to Battlefield 3!

trydling 7 years ago
We´ve now reached a milestone in the epic journey of the Battlefield franchise and it´s all about the release of our biggest game ever! Together with Battlelog, you will experience a big change to the Battlefield. In this web based service we called Battlelog there are many different features and interesting choices you can make.
On your main page, you have your wall. Post messages and check out unlocks as well as follow up on your rank progression.

Make sure you mingle around on the battlelog. We will be giving out nice prizes to the most active users and also to the users who help other users through the forums. Remember that Battlefield is all about teamwork and we also want your awesome teamwork to shine through on the Battlelog as well.

The Server Browser, Squadding up and VOIP
Moving on to our specific features that really emphasize accessibility here. The Server Browser is just like an in-game serverbrowser. Pick your maps, pick your settings and also pick your server based on your connection (ping) as well as saving your favorite server up on the favorite tab.

Squadding up is also a new feature we are introducing for Battlelog. This specific feature lets you squad up with your teammates down in the COM Center on the bottom right corner. Here you can see what friends are online, what servers they are playing on as well as drag and drop them into "deploy". This means that when you squad up, you will also join a server as a squad.

Voice over IP is also something new to Battlelog. This feature allows you to communicate with your Squad in the COM Center to really emphasize and get that teamwork going.

Your page, feed, platoons and stats
And here it´s all about you and your team. Welcome to the ego-trip. Your page is your home on Battlelog. It´s your page where you matter and get to voice your own opinions on whatever you like. Friends can leave posts, friends can comment and also like your posts.

On the main page of Battlelog, you will have your feed. This feed brings in all the latest news from your friends and platoons. You will be able to see where your friends are in the unlock progression as well as see what progression your friends have made in Battlefield 3.

Platoons is one of those features we hold dear on Battlelog. A lot of people are fond of playing with their friends and to create teams. So here you go - Create your team, compete with others, compare stats, results and match reports. You are in for one big treat right here.

Your Stats
Our stats page is also very detailed. Check out how well you are doing with a specific weapon or weapon setup. Take a look at your achievements, ribbons and your overall character progression.
Also keep a close eye on your basic stats such as KD/R, Minutes played and other stats that might persuade you into playing in a certain way.

Keep a close eye on the news section as well. We will post updates and valuable information to keep you in the loop as much as possible.

As a last word, thank you all for joining in and we (the whole DICE crew) wish you a fantastic Battlefield experience :)

See you on the Battlefield!

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