The ECM Jammer

zh1nt0 4 years ago 952 comments
Video right here :) []


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Maybe you missed the part where they said that ECM is bugged atm lol
Check and like :P Girl with sniper rifle in Studio Photography album :P
first page!!
oh. and lame as usual
g'day mate
lol ty
or maybe you could actually tell us how it works and fix your shit so people dont have to waste time on 60 days of testing to figure out your shit
Not first!
linking a video that shows ecm for jets is fucked. nice
60 days of testing still so many of bugs and glitches...LOL
I only use jammers because I have been using them since I unlocked them (2 week the game came out). I noticed that DICE really nerfed them and now that lock-ons are very fast, the only good use to it is making yourself invisible on radar in hardcore.
19 LIKE A BOSS!!!!
cool luetin's vid got posted here seen it already.
so its bugged... nice... :D
Since the latest serverpatch it's totally fubar... All shit locks even when you have it activated... pure bull.
it is bugged to hell i still get hit, locks don't break... good god this game.
Nice DICE, You have officialy showed us movie about Jet EMC Bugs that you have not fixed for half of year. I admire the honesty.
ECM Jammer=psst-smdh!...How about feedback on what the last patch did to this game...The majority of people playing this game don't even use Jets that much...Here's a thought how about posting something a long the lines of fixing all the weapons DICE has screwed up, instead of a bugged ECM Jammer...Thread FAIL! Oh yeah the lag on your Servers that i/we pay for is getting worse by the day..Example I went prone on Canals yesterday and jumped a good 20 meters from where I was originally prone>then got up to sprint and started teleporting back and forth. This is getting ridiculous seriously. P.S. Non-working Hit Detection is a not so funny joke! Just saying.
Ha, obviously DICE staff watch videos as thoroughly as they test some of their features. The chap clearly states "it's broken and needs to be fixed by DICE." I'll stick to flares and fancy flying thank you very much.
Why would you post a video that keeps going on an on about how the ECM is simply broken in the game? Did you even watch this? *facepalm*

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