Maintenance coming up on the 8th of May


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hun good.
at last an activity FIX THE GAME FFS!!!! oh and i got blocked from battlefields twitter for sending this to them its like they WANT to ignore the community
Yeah _ right! _ / / cool! \ v / v /
When r u gonna do something for the game?
Thanks to listening feedbacks, it's cool to see people say to patch something and see that a few days after there is programmed a maintenance
OMG what will not be working after that? Updates from you guys makes things worse and again we are worried about it.
game still broken fix it....
The game has lagged like mad since the last server patch. Sort it out ffs.
they gone to lose so much money with DIABLO 3 realease and im really happy cuz this game become a fuking joke and this guys just dont care.....bah im sick...
finally a fix!
Come to Mordor Zh1nt. We need you.
Maintenance ----->Then--------->""Patch"" Sure. xD
supression will be fixed??? will it??
oh nice
@Man4_cl Maintenance ----->Then--------->""Patch"" Sure. xD u forget this ------->more
Stop players getting on top of the MAVs and cheating
Zh1nto please bring PATRICH BACH to MOUNT DOOM, we wantses a sacrificess.
Just PC? Thats fine, im guessing you will address the issues on PS3 at a later time, and on Xbox if there are any problems.
why the hell do these INFANTS need to comment on every thread just for the chance of being "First" and then thats the only comment they leave, not even relvevant....freaking little kids making the rest of us look like stupid little children
bring it on

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