Double XP Weekend May 26-27 on PC

During Saturday and Sunday this weekend (May 26th-27th), every point you make gets doubled at the end of round!

If you want to know exactly how we calculate your Double XP, head to this forum post []. The gist of it is that double XP will be accrued across all ranked servers and matches on PC. Start and end times below.

Now tell your friends and let’s have a great 48 hours of gaming!

Starts Saturday 26th May
00:01 PDT
07:01 UTC
09:01 CET

Ends Sunday 27th May
23:59 PDT
06:59 UTC (Which is Monday 28th of May in this time zone)
08:59 CET (Which is Monday 28th May in this time zone)

Comments (1157)

I hate u.
I wish I had smaller level not 145 already :(
4th brah, GOML
I hate you all
fuck u 4rd is my
Will it work this time, or are you kidding with us all again.
how about unlock everything for everybody so there is no "unlock system" at all, and instead you can surprise us on weekends with free maps
They gonna fool us again lol'd
When will you guys release a new trailer for the DLC?
you first post people fail
looking forward to this. I really need the points !!!
What's new on XBOX 360 or on PS3??? Oh yeah nothing because you just don't want to fix the problems.
Hell Yeah!
double xp should be the first weekend of every month
really?? Just fix the fps drops first! :<
and what about premium battlefield? I heard its coming after duble xp weekand. In the begining of next month yes?
Why only in PC?
Anyone can be first. Only legends can be last.
nice !

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