Internet Explorer 8 support to be discontinued on Battlelog

IE8 is quickly falling behind modern browsers in terms of compatibility and we want to focus our time and effort on developing and improving features on Battlelog.

If you are still running Internet Explorer 8, we recommend you to upgrade to a more modern, more secure browser. Here are some examples:

Google Chrome []
Mozilla Firefox []
Internet Explorer 9 []

Thanks for understanding, and we appreciate that you want to help us in getting browsers all over the internet up to par.

Comments (1162)

lol common browser used to hyjack accounts!!!!!!! thank god! should just drop the browser crap overall
This was actually good news. Friggin hillarious actually.
i use Firefox 80% of the time and google chrome 20% both are very good web browser just like firefox more with all the nice plug-ins. Internet explorer sucks.
EA's only hope is Microsoft buys them, this must be EA's way of playing hard to get
@Declandds True, but in this case, it is a bit like stopping your dog from eating rat poison. I don't think I've used IE regularly in any version since 2004. It was old and slow then, and all Microsoft's really done is push a face-lift, some 'important the previous year' security patches, and gradually begun to remove the bloated code from it. The only bonus I can think of is that some of the newer viruses don't have legacy support enabled just like the battlelog. I realize that that is nonsense :P But you're right, it's very conceited of them - Playing god with our browser experience, especially when the campaign is launched from it when connected to the internet. Bad EA. Are you listening EA? Nah? Okay.
Safari support would be nice too.
Google Chrome ftw!
Google chrome in Here :P
You don't want us using IE8 yet you put IE as an option... uhmmmm, how does that work?
use chrome.. way faster not hating
DONT LISTEN!! My old ( 8 year) PC still runs Battlelog (AND com center) on WINDOWS 98! Lyin cunck of bunts
How about a date for CQ?
@xXTrooperXx89, exist IE9, and for the moment IE10 Preview run only on windows 8
Good News!
You can control it when there are updated versions of it. And Chrome... overrated. Its popular because everyone hops on the google bandwagon. Haven't heard a peep about Google+ since launch...
Why there's no Opera in your examples? If you want to stop support for it, I'll never buy your games again. Because I won't use spying Google Chrome, slow Mozilla Firefox and vulnerable Internet Explorer. And as said Declandds: "You can't control what browsers people use! It's there decision!".
@xXTrooperXx89 We don't want to support IE8 from 2009. Internet Explorer 9 came out a year ago and it's a lot better in every way, for all of us. Thanks!
Where the fuck is my android App? FIX IT!
its always having to do stuff a slightly different way for MSIE vs any other browser. i used MSIE (developed apps using it) for 10+ years and was a fan boy . I finally tried chrome late last year and realized i was being stupid for sticking so doggedly to IE for so long.
That's good . I'M ON IE9 :)
If you use Win Vista or Win7 (which is required for this game, so sure you do), you would have to be retarded to use IE8.
55th! lol
How this post at all funny, if you are still using IE 8 you are an idiot, IE 9 has been out for over a year now. Additionally both Chrome and Firefox are substantially better than IE
@ Declandds "You can't control what browsers people use! It's there decision!" lol bro, yes you can. :) Once BF3 excludes support for IE8 you have no 'choice' or say in the matter. IE9 is crap & I've tried several times to roll back to IE8 but it's no longer available or supported at I might give Windows 8 Dev version a go if it's still free.

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