Battlelog Maintenance 4th of June

7- 12 PDT
10-15 EST
15-20 GMT
16-21 CET

During the maintenance, you will not be able to access Battlelog.

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Whats getting fixed
Ok so the new DLC is really coming that day.
2nd :D
gj 16-21 in europe when the number of pc players is rising beyond 30k
5th ^^
damned :D
holly crap : D ja pierdole ;g
they dont fix. they just disable it and call it maintenance
heyyyyyyyyy dice support a İE 10 (KB2702844) on windows 8 release preview
They are going to patch the patch so the june's patch could be patched correctly
Stop hating, they're fixing things.
Did they fix the stats, anyone notice an update in-game and on battlelog?
no patch?
5 hours ?
so... will we get our stats back?
you just now the Dice devs are fixing the game like this.
there add the dlc in and premium package in. There also patching the game.
More information would be greatly appreciated.
will this be AM or PM ? Does anyone know ?
Yey! A new news post!
damn it. -_-
I dont Care about this , i am MW3 fanboy on PS3 becuze BF3 is shitty now
solidsnake1217...look at the times posted...they are in the 24hr format...get some professional mental help if you can't deduct what time period pertains to you.

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