Play with DICE on Xbox 360

Grab the chance to play Battlefield 3 with DICE tonight on Xbox 360!

We will be online from 5-8 PM CST on a few specific Premium-only servers. Join us to play with DICE or try and grab our dev dog tags.

You can find the names of the servers in question by following us on Twitter @battlefield. We will tweet the server names as soon as we hop on!

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hhahahahhahhaha!!! xbox?!?!?! hahahahha
i er dume
and when it's time to play you'll won't see any DICE dev's... well maybe somewhere in a random Asian server XD
fuck Dice
Will it be a promoted tweet?
35 Lol
when do u play on PC?
Pc rules
got them already :D
Are any Devs actually going to be on the servers this time?
I hope this happens more than once! I haven't got Premium yet!
LOL... Lag/shuttering punishment coming soon on XBOX360, too.... Battlefield 3 started to lag / shuttering globally on PC, few hours after some guys knifed some DICE developers on PC event :) Don't kill them if you dont want LAG punishment
What's the server's name ?
Dev dog tag............? sod those, gimmi M1911
Hold on a second, suddenly it's CST, as opposed to CET? That's a big freakin' difference. Which is it?
No you won't.
DICE my blade is sharpened and im coming for your necks ;)
Surely it's Central European Time (CET) as DICE HQ is based in Stockholm Sweden.
Yes! Bout time!
hey Dice, I don't think I ever see you online for PC anymore
It is messed up they do premium servers only, but I guess P members paid $50 for a $9 DLC, and you know EA will not follow thru with the rest of what they promised. So I feel good that the P members are getting a lil bit more for their money now, because it won't be happening later.
YAY! : ) i want some dice tags!
Glad to be premium! See you on the Battlefield DICE!
Hope you guys dont screw it up like you did with PS3 and PC.
so is it in 1 hour then? because in sweden it will be 5pm/ 17:00 in 1 hour, but if its CST like they posted its currently 9am in that time..
typical bull from the devs, we don't want your shitty tea boys dog tags.
what Server are u guys in. i cant find it

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