The dontrevivemebro podcast is back!

The community for Battlefield is unlike any other in the gaming dominion. We love to discuss the game, its weapons, share videos, and interview Developers about upcoming things in current and future titles. The Don’t Revive Me Bro Podcast has always held values and integrity of the community, and provided such a great service to the Battlefield Newbie to the Battlefield Veteran.

DRMB are bringing, and bringing it back big. Previously the DRMB Podcast was founded and hosted by Redd_Dragons (Chris) and DCRUColin. Both of them will make appearances on the show at their pleasure, but also have quite a bit going on in their personal lives right now and would like to give the opportunity to our new hosts, @ChalkOne and @Darkness429. You may recognize their names, or their previous Podcast called “BF Podcast”. They’ll be picking the DRMB Podcast up next week, and will be the two new main hosts of the DRMB Podcast.

They’ll be recording audio, streaming video, and introducing you to many different ways to enjoy the conversation, and the experience. They’ll also line up VIP Community, Developers, and Celebrity guests for them as the episodes continue. You can help them out a lot by dropping by the Don’t Revive Me Bro Podcast forums and letting the new hosts know what you’d like to see and talk about during the podcast! Be sure to interact with the hosts so they can make sure they get the podcast back off to a great start and deliver such a great service back to the community once again.
Be sure to follow @dontrevivemebro on twitter, and subscribe to the Don’t Revive Me Bro Channel on YouTube.


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Fantastic news! it's so awesome to have the DRMB podcast back! Can't wait!
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first? haha sheet nigs
Why giving them all the credits for talking 'bout weapons and stuff. I know other people that are talking about guns alot better then these men right here. Give credit to LvLCap, iPwnStar4Hire, RivalXFactor and Matimi0... Let these guys do the podcasts. They deserve it for making battlefield more pleasant.
1st,2nd,3rd??? Here have an internet cookie
48th :D
Don't you mean, when does the BF4 Beta end?
Support 5 flags on console here
Frigging useless
front row!!seize front row!!

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