Help Battlefield 3 conquer Europe!

Europe´s biggest people´s choice award is around the corner and of course, we are talking about the annual European Game Awards that will be held on the 14th of August.
This time around, we are nominated in the following categories:

Best European Action Game
Best European Console Game
Best European Game
Best European Multiplayer Game
Best European Sound

Help us win by registering and voting for Battlefield 3. To vote, you first have to register online (it’s quick and easy and verifies that you are not a bot) at

Now let’s show the gaming world who has the strongest and biggest and most loyal community!

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hooah will do
Challenge Accepted
On front page
11? :D
I'm here
damn, the news coming today was about the bonus content drop :(
505 Internal Server Error
What's in it for us? :)
Fix ur game then I'll vote.
19th hell yeah
actually ill vote for you as soon as you bring out the august content drop
U got my vote in all
Internal server errors. Can't vote without getting tonnes of them. Would've voted otherwise. Clearly EGA didn't invest in good hosting. Idiots.
What makes you so bold to ask me this? Bad support, bugs take at the verry least 6 months to get fixed. You hold events that dont work, your DICE members start teamkilling me 10x then vote me out the server without provocation. How the fuck is this the best game? Are you fucknuts?
I read that post twice, and I can confirm there was no mention of Bonus Content Drop.
I vote for MW3 xD
Internal Server Error
got my vote
lol after this news web server cant manage :D the pressure

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