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This is the Reddit's platoon for r/battlefield3 vs /v/

**If you have been selected as a starter/sub (read above), I need you to join this platoon: I have not finished making selections, keep sending the apps in. We still need a jet pilot.**

Comment with your bf3stats, positions, vehicle skills, any relevant YouTube footage, and/or previous comp experience.

I'm going over everyone's skillsets, stats, and posts to determine the starters/subs. I am sorry if you are kicked to make room for more applicants.


19th of May, 5:30 EST


No M26
Default settings, unless otherwise noted (vehicle spawn time, etc).
No 3D spotting
64 man
350 tickets in conquest
150 tickets in rush
15 Minute break between every other map
Teams play both sides of each map


Damavan Peak Rush
Caspian Conquest
Kharg Island Conquest
Karkand Rush
Firestorm Conquest will be the tie breaker map.

I will make a r/battlefield3 post when everything is finalized.

Starters/Backups will no longer be tracked on the platoon page, we will use the following post:

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