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Prezentacja plutonu

I was looking for a platoon for IFV drivers on xbox 360, and there was none, thus I made this platoon.

You don't have to be a pro IFV driver to join. This is mainly to serve as a beacon for anyone who likes using the IFV. If you need to unlock things for this vehicle, join another member and team up to unlock things quicker. The more unlocks you have in your IFV, the more value you will have as a IFV driver, gunner, or IFV support role (repairs, hopping out to shoot an rocket at enemy armor.

Only things you can get kicked from this platoon for is any kind of hate speech, advocating cheating in this game, or trash talking others based upon their experience with BF3 or FPS in general. We were all noobs once, and there is always someone better than you.

Informacje z plutonu

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