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For friendship, honor & victory!

=1139= Website

=1139= Teamspeak

=1139= BF3 server

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=1139= Rules

* First of all, we do not believe in cheats or excessive stat-boosting. If you do that, you are not welcome.

* We are an international clan, that means people from all countries are welcome. However, we mainly communicate in English, so you must be able to speak English to join our clan.

* We communicate via TeamSpeak 3, therefore owning a microphone and coming to our TeamSpeak server is obligated. IMPORTANT: Before you apply for a membership, you have to come to teamspeak for at least a week, so we can get to know each other before you join the clan.

* If you see a fellow =1139= member in a game, join him. We try to play together as much as we can, since we are a clan based on friendship.

* We try to arrange clanwars and tournaments as much as we can. If you do not like to play competitive, it's ok, you don't have to. If you do like it, you can play. :)

* If there is anything that is not clear in these few simple rules, contact =1139= Boljak and he will answer all your questions with pleasure.

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