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Burial grounds is a clan for EVERYONE, we always aim for the win and we move/communicate as a team. We are a VERY ACTIVE clan. We are also a very mature platoon. Professionalism on xbl and Battlelog is a KEY for us. We are pub/comp community, and our leaders are always open to talk as well.

New requirements to get in to Burial Grounds:
- 5-7 day tryout
- Age Restriction: 16

New requirements to stay with burial grounds:

- Activity "playing with tbg members at least 2-3 days a week"

- Maturity "no dramatic posts, no sreaming over comms"

- Integrity: "NO boosting"

- Professional conduct and attitude, no "talking sh*t" to other clans or clan members. Teabagging is childish and immature. Both are unacceptable!

- Treat others as you want to be treated. "Set the bar and lead by example".

We WILL BE cracking down on inactive, boosting, and DRAMATIC members.

Our new structure system is based on teams, not squads. How our team system works: in BF3 you usually have 12v12, with 3 squads of FOUR (4). In Burial Grounds we will be using this simple yet effective setup. So instead of a squad leader having to get a hold of 11 people, a team leader only has to get a hold of 3-5 members. Even if some members do not show up for the practice, two players working together on their team tactics and movement still benefits your team structure, set up, and overall team gameplay and skill as far as moving together. Shooting, moving, and communicating is a big thing. We will have FIVE (5) teams to start, after those teams are full, we will add more teams to the equation.

I do not stand by boosting, and I do not side with immaturity and drama. For members caught boosting, Kell Sneed has posted your warning. For immature/dramatic members, this is your warning. I do not care about your age, I only care about the well being of this set platoon.

"Pub Stomping" will be Friday's and Saturday's 10 p.m central american time. This is a time for us as a platoon to get together and have fun as a group.

Have a great day, everyone!

New recruits are:

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