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Platoon Presentation

Be aware that by joining Ragnarok you are joining more than a guild, you are joining a community. Ragnarok has, since 2003, accumulated a lot of experience from different games. We have one of the most skilled and capable member bases. We always fight to win, and we never surrender!
We prevail where others go under! We hope that should you join us, you will help us build and expand this community, to make it bigger, better and stronger.
We want members that live and breathe Ragnarok, members that are proud wearing our tabard to war and victory (and, sometimes loss *sigh* ), be it in pve or pvp. We want you to give us your best, and in return you will be rewarded with one of the best online communities there is.
Apply for a membership at http://forum.rr-guild.com/

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