The Odd Squad
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Welcome to The Odd Squad!

If you are looking to join ODD, we do have a few requirements:

1. You must be 18 and older
2. You must be active
3. You must have at least a 1.0 k/d (some exceptions can be made)

We are currently running a server with normal tickets, decent maps, and a good mix of TDM, Rush, and Conquest. Please join us and test yourself! You can find us at: The Official Odd Squad EAST Server. 100% Tix. Good Maps. We are non-abusive admins, but we will kick/ban cheaters and glitchers.

To keep up with all our latest changes to the server and everything else ODD related, like us on our Facebook page

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for highlight reels, montages, and bloopers.

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